As a parent you automatically become a member of the PTA, which not only raises money for the school but is a great way of making new friends.  You can help by manning a stall at the school fair, helping out with cake sales, or planning and organising your own fund-raising event.  We have a busy schedule of fund-raising activities thoughout the year to enable our children to continue to benefit from the superb facilities and events offered by the school.  Requests for help will usually be sent home either via email, in your child's book bag or through the Class Reps.

We have regular meetings to organize fundraising events, which are informal and welcoming and are usually held at a local pub about every 6-8 weeks.

Regular events are:  Christmas Fair, Quiz Night, Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Fair, Cake Sales, and the Pool Party.


PTA 2016/2017

Chair              Harriet Hunter

Secretary       Vicky Fletcher                  

Treasurer       Jill Kingscott

Publicity         Susie Willis

Uniform          Cathy Williams  

200 Club         Paula Elms

Swimming      Julia Reed             

Class Reps

Apple            Helen Mclaren, Lucy Tosh, Kate Elliott, Jo Gordon

Holly             Sarah Foxworthy, Emma de vos, Julia Reed, Gemma Radford, Susie Willis

Cherry          Rachel Thompson, Rachel Bradley, Cathy Williams, Shelley Dauncey