Healthy Schools

March 2014

Having originally received our 'Healthy Schools Award' in 2006, we were very pleased to have been awarded Healthy Schools - Enhanced Status in March 2014, as a result of the staff, children and parents continually developing ideas to improve the school's and the children's healthy approach to life. 

Ideas included:

  • Reviewing the PSED curriculum
  • Regularly updating relevant school policies
  • A 'Feeling Good' Week
  • Gymnastics curriculum training for staff
  • School Council organising a vote for a different 'healthy meal' to be added to our lunch menu
  • Friendship Day

Feeling Good Week 2016

As part of 'Feeling Good' week this year, and in line with our PSED (Personal, Social and Emotional Development curriculum) the children enjoyed:

  • an 'inside-out' morning where they took part in chosen activities throughout all three classes
  • a dance workshop led by the Synergy Dance Company for all age groups
  • a Pet Service held in the Rectory garden, taken by the Rev David Minns.  

Healthy Breakfast

This PTA-organised activity took place on the morning of Sports Day in July 2016, and was a very popular and successful event.  Local supermarkets donated the food for the meal, which was also open to siblings who did not attend the school.  The children enjoyed different types of cereal,including porridge, yoghurt, fruit, bagels and toast.



Sport plays a major part in school life and promoting healthy, active children who have an interest in sport is at the heart of our PE philosophy.  We are fortunate enough to have our own swimming pool, and the children have three swimming lessons per week in the second half of the summer term.  They are divided into separate groups according to levels of ability (according to parent feedback) so the lessons are of maximum value.

Children also enjoy sporting activities in curriculum and non-curriculum areas eg. football coaching, and dance and gymnastic lessons.  Our annual Sports Day rounds off the sporting year for the children.

During the Summer Term 2016, the children and staff took part in the countrywide Run to Rio Challenge.  Throughout the summer term, our pupils, along with many others across Surrey,  challenged themselves to collectively walk or run part of or the whole the distance from Surrey to Rio to mark the 2016 Olympic Games. The total distance is 5700 miles, but as a school we set a target to reach of 1000 miles, so were delighted to reach our eventual total of 1035 miles.  Every pupil chose to run, jog or simply walk around a designated mile track in the school grounds of approximately 15 to 20 minutes at least once a week during the school day.  Each child’s distance was recorded on the Golden Mile website at the end of each week, so we could track the distance the school had covered as well as monitor the progress that each individual child (and staff) made over the 12 week period.  Pupils received certificates when they reached certain milestones.  The children were greatly enthused by the challenge, and displayed perseverance and determination in reaching their weekly totals.

In Years 1 and 2 the children are taught multiskills by a coach from the SCL on a Tuesday afternoon. They play fun and exciting games, and learn new exercise skills whilst being encouraged to stay fit and healthy.  SCL also run one of our after school clubs on a Tuesday from 3.00 - 4.00pm, teaching the same multiskills.  All the coaches are fully trained, have DBS checks and First Aid experience.